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Nettie Kent

Nettie Kent

Nettie Kent Jewelry

Nettie Kent was born and raised on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, and the proximity to the sea in her formative years made a lasting impression on the designer. Raised by a painter and a librarian, Nettie Kent’s bohemian upbringing nurtured her creative spirit and abilities, Nettie could hold a paint brush before she could talk. After studying mural painting in Mexico and fresco painting in Italy, Nettie Kent made the move to New York City to pursue her love of art. She found herself moving beyond the two dimensional drawn towards an interest in metal work and sculpture. Since then, Nettie Kent has earned a cult following that appreciates her organic forms, unique designs and her ethical approach to jewelry making that emphasizes sustainable design and sourcing recycled materials. All her pieces are also nickel free. Summers on the beach and winters in Brooklyn influence all of Nettie's designs, a mix of organic shapes cast in rough golden metals juxtaposed with soft leathers.

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